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                    Suzanne Blair BA (Hons) MCIL AITI
     Specialist in German, Russian & Italian into English
                       Translation & Proofreading
         Serving the translation world for over 20 years

Many tks, Suzanne, Forgot to mention, by the way: thoroughly enjoyed your Konzernanhang: lovely style, flows so well, it was entirely in your sweet spot of subject matter, terminology, etc, and  no 'translation-ese' - you were hitting all the right buttons. (Literally and figuratively!), Graeme Mcleish, MD, SEL Business Languages, 25 March 2015

Thanks a million !!! Everything has been duly received. I can't thank you enough for going the extra mile with this project. Maria Noqué Alcaide, Project Manager Seprotec, Madrid, 24 March 2015

Excellent, Suzanne. Thank you very much for your great work in this project. I will count on you whenever I have a similar project if that’s fine by you. Regards, Jose - José Luis Alcañiz, Project Manager SeproTec, 18 December 2014

This is just a short email to let you know that we received some very good feedback on several jobs you did for us. It is related to the following jobs, among others: DCA1410060, MFY1411002, MCN1411002, DCA1410060, MFY1411002, MCN1411088, MCN1411087, MCN1412013 Thank you for the constant quality of your work! Best regards, Aude Courjault, Quality Control, Telelingua Belgium, 09 December 2014

Hi Suzanne, I admire the way you research and create appealing texts, especially on tiny destinations that provide such little information. Overall, thumbs up and a big thank you! Tina Mueller, Translation Coordinator EN, HRS Group 11 November 2014.

I just wanted to reach out regarding this project and thank you for an impeccable job on the reviewing. Your attention to detail and dedication ensuring a good translation are unlike any other. Thank you for all you do! Amber,  Amber Donley, Project Manager, ICON Development Solutions, 18 November 2013
Your proofing on this text was phenomenal. Thankyou so much, Amber, Amber Donley, Project Manager, ICON Development Solutions 15 November 2013

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic jobyou did or proofing on this project. You overcame the shortcomings of theinitial linguist and really paid attention to the style guide. Thank you for your thorough work, despite being incredibly busy and having short turnaround times. Your hard work is appreciated! - Amber Donley, Project Manager, ICONDevelopment Solutions, 04 November 2013

Many thanks for yourwonderful work for this project – it was great to have you in our team. Notonly the work was done on time and to the high standard, you were working ver yhard and were taking a lot of work (although I guess sometimes it seemed as if we were bombarding you with the files)and were willing to help. That is very much appreciated! I look forward toworking with you again on other projects. Ksenia Ivanova, Project Manager, Codex Global Ltd, London 19 June 2012

Good morning Suzanne, Thanks so much for the promptness and the quality work! Files received and look good. Jane Kohan, ICON Clinical Research/Oxford Outcomes, 22May 2012

Thank you so much Suzanne! As always your help and quick turnaround is greatly appreciated!! Paula – Paula Fridrich, ICON Clinical Research/Oxford Outcomes, 22 May 2012

Suzanne,it has been great working with you as always. With any luck, I shall be in touch again soon with some other projects. Jane Kohan, ICON Clinical Research/Oxford Outcomes, 16 May 2012

Hi Suzanne, Thank you so much for the amazing work and the early completion!! The translations look excellent. I greatly appreciate your work and professionalism. Thank you and an absolutely beautiful weekend to you! Jane –Jane Kohan, ICON Clinical Research/Oxford Outcomes, 11 May 2012

Just wanted to say thanks again for your quick turnaround yesterday, and here’s what the proof-reader said, no surprise there at all, but I thought I’d pass it on anyway: This was well translated, top marks to the translator I say! Claudia Kirchherr, WorldOne Research, London, 14/02/12

Thank you ever so much for the delivery. You really are one of our most reliable and helpful vendors. Silvia Breuza, Translation Manager, WorldOne Research, 10/08/2010

Excellent work, Suzanne, you keep beating yourself. ;) Now I can deliver even faster and that makes for a satisfied client. Thanks ever so much, Christine Petry, ProLangua GmbH 18.09.2009

First of all, this is what I love about you: Quick, reliable and consistent translation and delivery. Christine Petry, ProLangua GmbH, Berlin, 18.09.2009

Suzanne you are a star. You’ve merely re-confirm you superstar status with LL. Thank you kindly, Suzanna Rosa, LanguageLeader, 07/11/08

Excellent, thank you for the timely file. Reliable, quick and professional as always, Christine Petry, LanguageLeader London, 13/03/08

I must say you’re an expert. I can rely on you. Thank you kindly. That’s much appreciated! Christine Petry, LanguageLeader, Global One Research, London 14/11/07

Thank you, you are always very reliable!. Christine Petry, LanguageLeader, Global One Research, London 13/11/07

Thanks a lot Suzanne!! Very efficient as always! Veronique Violante, Com’Excel 29/08/07

Prompt and professional as always. Oliver Cheyne, The Big Word, 13/06/07

Just a note to say thank you so much for all of your hard work over the last 24 hours, my new client is very happy and impressed with the dedication of your work. We are very proud of our translators and today you proved us right to trust in your work and in the quality of your translation. Thank you again we are very pleased and I hope you have a great day. Suzanne Hall, Account Manager, K International plc. 19/04/07

Vielen Dank für die prompte Zustellung der Übersetzung. Die Zusammenarbeit mit dir macht wirklich sehr Spass. 'Anita Kenesei’ Language Promotion 21/12/06
(Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the translation. Working together with you is a real pleasure.) I appreciate your efforts very much and apologize that you have to work under such big time pressure. It was great working with you. Christoph Rickli, Panalingua Switzerland. 15/12/06